Reflections on IBL and Week 7

In this last unit, as we have looked at assessments, both formative and summative, and the use of rubrics to assess process and content in a more authentic type of assessment, some of my own beliefs have been affirmed.

I use both exams and authentic, project-based assessments in my German classes. I have come to really like using rubrics because of the specific feedback I can give students on their projects or papers. I do use both formative an summative assessments, but I really do increasingly enjoy creating projects where students can demonstrate their learning in a more authentic way than simply taking a test.

Technology makes group work and the writing process so much easier than it used to be. I use Google docs to have my students write and revise and I give them feedback directly on their document as it is a work in progress. I love the Revision History feature that lets me see when and for how long they worked on their writing, and I love that students can work collaboratively on a document to peer edit, for example.

Wikis are also fantastic for group projects because they facilitate collaboration among group members, both inside and outside of class, and they also allow me to see the work in progress and to see who contributed what and when, so that I can more accurately give feedback and a score on 21st Century Skill like collaboration.

In this course, I have learned how to incorporate the Inquiry Based Learning process/es in my authentic assessments, and I feel this will help me to help my students to become better at identifying what they want or need to know and then to develop investigable questions to frame their research. At the outset, I thought that IBL was really a ‘science thing’. But now I know how I, as a German teacher, can also help my students to learn these habits of mind.


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